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Dupont Teflon Reapplication

Protect Your Investment

People always ask "Do I really need Teflon/Protector on my carpets and upholstery?" The answer is "Absolutely!" You see, new carpet fresh from the mill, arrives shielded with a carpet protector like Teflon. With your upholstery, a water or solvent based protector is applied by the store if you request it. The protector is designed to keep spills from staining the fibers and to make cleaning an easier task. Over the course of time, soils will become trapped in between the fibers. To the naked eye, dirt may look smooth, but under the microscope, most dirt particles have sharp, jagged edges. These soils act like tiny saws, cutting into the protector and exposing the delicate fibers. With scratched and cut surfaces, spills and soils can penetrate the fibers of your carpet and upholstery causing permanent staining.

THE SOLUTION to protecting your carpet/upholstery investment is a protector. Regular professional cleaning and a reapplication of the protection fortifies your carpet and upholstery's primary line of defense, efficiently resisting soil, liquid and oil-based spills. By applying an effective protectant, spills are easier to remove, vacuuming is a simpler task and your carpets and upholstery will look better for far longer than they would without this protective coating.

Here is a small demonstration of how Teflon works involving two paper towels, a light coat of Teflon, coffee, orange juice, and Gatorade.

Both of these paper towels are exactly the same, with the exact same amount of liquids administered to them. The only difference between the two is the towel on the left has been coated with Dupont Teflon prior to being soiled. The difference is clear.

And this is what the paper towels look like after be blotted with another paper towel.

Teflon will have the exact same effect on your carpet and upholstery. It is what it is designed for.
Any professional carpet cleaner will tell you it is very impractical to not have this protective coating reapplied after a steam cleaning.


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